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About Us

About Us

RobinsGardenandGifts.com was created out of my love for Nature. My mission is to get more people to get out and reconnect with Nature. I would like more people to share my love and passion for all things growing and living in the outdoor world; Let’s spend more time outdoors!

My nature-themed products highlight colors, shapes, textures, sound and motion. Items range from cute to realistic, large to small, decorative to functional. This garden decor will catch your eye, make you smile, and help you relax after a long day! I’ll help you treat your outdoor space like a whole new area of your home. And bring a little bit indoors too with some attractive nature-themed home decor.

I strive for beautiful, quality, affordable products for you.  While I am a small business and can’t always get rock-bottom prices, with free shipping and returns I also promise you complete satisfaction or your money back! And I am always on the lookout for brand new decor and new ideas to share with you and your wildlife friends.  Whatever your Nature or gardening experience is, I hope you find something fabulous for yourself here! And share with a friend, relative, or neighbor! Gardeners love to share!

New Site

RobinsGardenandGifts.com, formerly RobinsHomeandGarden.com, has a bright new look and a more personal slant.  I still have the same great suppliers and free shipping and returns! We have some new suppliers, too. I found too many limitations on the old website. I really like this new WordPress website; hope you do, too!  At some point I would like to provide referrals to my own personal favorite seed, plant, bulb, and fertilizer products and suppliers here. Possibly some local unique craftsmen items too? (If you dabble with birdhouses or yard art, contact me!!!) I want you to find a little more than just decor products here. My goal is to provide a positive shopping experience, and excellent product value for my customers in price and enjoyment.

Perhaps I can help you learn something new? I am doing some fun research to find interesting relevant nature factoids complete with links to brighten up my product descriptions! And check out the store blog, too.

We have added McAfee Trusted Site Security Verification and breach insurance for your peace of mind. And to keep things simple at checkout, don’t we all love safe, secure PayPal!

I welcome all visitors to my site and value all your feedback and suggestions. Use the Contact Us page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on. And feel free to ask me gardening questions. Or drop in on my blog page and tell me your favorite wildlife story!

Lets Reconnect With Nature

Having a love of Nature and being an all-natural gardener, this website will also be a voice for the quiet things in Nature. I have chosen the monarch butterfly for my logo as it well represents the story of a great deal of our outdoor wildlife, that is, shrinking and fragmented habitat and chemical exposure.  Everyone should know about wild animals and birds and fish, how to have beautiful flowers and healthy food.  Plants and trees create the air that we breathe! Recycling, sustainable farms, children’s gardens and community gardens. Do you want to understand beneficial insects and organic fertilizers? These things benefit the whole planet!  Surely there are a lot of other people out there who care that we leave something good behind for our children and grandchildren, and that we leave it better than we found it…Check the store Facebook page for relevant current Nature news!

Having over 40 years of experience in gardening and growing, I have spent 5+ years in classes for basic plant biology, landscaping basics, Master Gardener and Nursery Worker, and 2 seasons working in a plant nursery. I’ve been enjoying a little house on a rural 1/3 acre lot in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains with the birds, my black cat, and several chickens for 12 years now. The property was very neglected when I moved in. I have landscaped it myself and will be sharing my favorite pictures with you. I grow lots of food, flowers, and big brown eggs!