Birdbath Green Cat and Bird


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This birdbath green cat and bird features a wonderful unusual green on gold finish, similar to copper patina but with more “wow”! This is a nice lightweight aluminum birdbath at just under 2 feet tall and weighing only 7 pounds. The size is easy to relocate or turn over for cleaning. The life-like sitting cat is actually part of the base and makes for great stability. The post holding the basin has intricate detail work as well as the little bird perched on the edge. The basin itself is nearly a foot across and 4 inches deep, plenty of water for hot days.

It’s true that water will attract as many birds to your yard as a feeder! For best practices to get birds in your birdbath click here.

As with any birdbath, green cat and bird needs, of course, CLEAN WATER! And motion! If you can add a bubbler or solar floating fountain the birds will show up! click here for a bubbler review site that has great information to help you decide.  In my yard they will socialize and sing if they have running water. Don’t put your birdbath too close to brush and cover as these are hiding places for predators like cats. Do check the water level often in hot weather as it will evaporate more quickly (especially with a bubbler). Consider putting in a small birdbath heater in the winter.

See other great birdbaths and bird accessories here. A whimsical birdbath green cat and bird would make a fun gift for the birdlover in your life! Or perhaps you’d like to give this as a great house-warming gift. And children may discover a life-long interest in birds by watching their antics at the birdbath!

Weight 7 pounds. 11.2″ x 11.2″ x 21.2″. Aluminum


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