Cowboy Rooster Birdhouse


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All dressed up in his Western finery, a plump brown cowboy rooster birdhouse beckons with a welcome haven for his feathered friends. This cowboy dude also sports the patriotic theme colors of red, white,and blue. His leather- look cowboy boots come with heels and spurs. He’s even got the belly strap and cool 10- gallon hat! This hanging rooster birdhouse has a nice large entrance hole for the birds and for ease of cleaning. Don’t miss the perfect little perch at the entrance…A really fun birdhouse to decorate your front yard, back yard, patio or tree.

This good sized birdhouse will last a long time as well as be easy to clean because of a lightweight material called polyresin. The polyester resin material is very flexible as well as almost unbreakable.  Check out the fine detail work on the cowboy rooster birdhouse.  It is an extremely durable, adaptable, moldable and detail-oriented media. click here to learn more about polyresin.

Lots of people have started fabulous birdhouse collections…There are so many sizes, colors, and styles as well as generic or tailored to specific birds.  You can choose from mass-produced or one of a kind handmade.  Hanging or mounted? Painted or Natural? Children and grown-ups alike all love a birdhouse! This caricature of a cowboy rooster is one of many birdhouse ideas.  I also have birdfeeders, birdbaths and more birdhouses to choose from in the store.  You can see some here.

Non-essentials like a cowboy rooster birdhouse are coming back in time for Fall and Winter. Do you know someone who loves birdhouses or feeding the birds? Gift-giving season is coming,  or start your collection now! The birds will thank you this winter 🙂

Weight 1.3 pounds. 10.2″ x 5.12″ x 13″. Polyresin, Metal


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