Extra Large Windchime


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At an impressive 57 inches long, this extra large windchime is the biggest of them all! Long shining pipes produce the musical sound of ringing bells from even the merest breeze, filling the air with ever-changing notes. A wonderful, harmonious treat for the ears! This windchime comes complete with ring for instant hanging and enjoyment. A wooden disc is the base for these extra long chimes. The shape and size of the metal pipes is directly relevant to the musical notes they produce.  And a small wooden flag catches the breeze and rings the chimes.

To learn more about how and why windchimes make the sounds they do, click here!

Be sure to display this in a prominent position, because this beautiful windchime is sure to draw lots of attention for both its beauty and its sound! Try hanging from a tree branch, on the front porch or back patio, or wherever the music will also carry indoors. This extra large windchime or resonant wood windchime would also be a great gift. You will be remembered every time the chimes sing!

Weight 3.4 lbs. Ring at top for hanging. Metal and wood. 7″ diameter x 57″ high.


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