Flamboyant Pink Flamingo Garden Stakes


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These flamboyant pink flamingo garden stakes are sure to make you smile! With their eye-catching bright pink color and proud stature they deserve a prominent place in your yard.  They stand at almost 3 1/2 feet tall and are fashioned from sturdy wrought iron. These statuesque birds have many great details such as ruffled “feathers”, black bill tip, and black legs while also being low-maintenance and sure to last many seasons.  If you enjoy yard art, this pair of pink flamingos will bring a touch of the tropical to your space!

Some fun facts about Flamingos-

A man named Don Featherstone designed the first pink flamingo garden stakes in 1957. At the time they cost $2.76 a pair and were very popular in working class sub-division housing. Pink flamingos have also been recognized as a spirit animal since ancient times; they symbolize a need to let go of negativity in your life. The Bahama’s national bird is the flamingo. Ancient Romans considered the birds a delicacy, and ancient Egyptians worshipped it as a god of Egypt! The word Flamingo comes from Latin Flamenco meaning “brightly colored”. The flamingo’s color actually comes from tiny pink crustaceans in their diet. And pink flamingos are classified as wading birds, but these beautiful creatures are strong swimmers and powerful fliers.

These pink flamingo garden stakes would look great situated next to a pond, waterfall, or fountain. Like frosting on a cake, these accent items will actually highlight your plants. Try adding a sense of height to your garden with tall pink flamingos and drawing the eye to focal points such as a favorite low-growing flower.  I am always looking for exciting new items and you’ll find more yard art here. And consider a pair of pink flamingos as a gift for someone you know. Or one of my many other attractive pieces of yard art. Metal sculptures, statues, and yard art belong in everyone’s outdoor space!


Weight 7.5 lbs. Wrought iron. Each is approximately 11″ x 14″ x 41″ high. Pair