Happy Home Cottage Birdhouse


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Bright and cheery, this happy home cottage birdhouse will attract the birds and make you smile! A perfect complement to your yard, this charming birdhouse features tiny window boxes bursting with tiny faux flowers. It boasts a trellis around the front door and a tiny little birdhouse of its own on the corner. All-wood construction features a beautiful shingled roof complete with scalloped edging. Leave treats on the small platform, too. This cottage is lightweight and compact enough to move around at different times of the year. Take it down for easy cleaning, too.

The happy home cottage birdhouse is ready to hang from a tree or shepherd’s hook in your yard. Fun to watch as new feathered friends flock to move in!  If they really like your yard, you just might be lucky enough to see birds raise a family! Add a birdbath and/or feeder in the area and you will have endless viewing, teaching, and learning opportunities. Great for kids! Try an inexpensive bird book or this great article by the Audobon society and see how many local species you can identify! Audobon has an excellent bird guide app for your phone as well as lots of other cool information and images on their site. Happy Birdwatching!

Item weight: 2 lbs. 7 1/8″ x 7 1/8″ x 9″ high. Wood.


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