Patio Tabletop Fountain Rock Design


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Give your home or patio a touch of the outdoors with this patio tabletop fountain in rock design. The natural look of this wonderful piece gives it detailed realness. The rock formation features four tiers with water spouts allowing the water to flow from top to bottom. Classic and timeless, this fountain brings soothing sound, motion, and soft light to your space. The compact size of this piece allows for easy relocation to anywhere you like as well as not taking up a lot of space.

The realistic stone look of this tabletop fountain comes from polyresin, an extremely durable resin compound. It is easy to sculpt and can be melted to a soft form and pressed into molds. This material holds paint well and can look like porcelain, but it is heavier and more durable. Find out more about polyresin products here. Easy maintenance and cleaning, too!

This patio tabletop fountain in rock design suggests a gurgling, slow-flowing waterfall in Nature. Complete with a softly glowing LED light to simulate moonlight, you can turn your patio or outdoor space into a quick relaxing break or a romantic evening. Get some beautiful plant pots and comfy furniture to instantly create a whole new room! This cool small fountain is also great for a fun housewarming gift. Wouldn’t this rock design fountain look great in your own special outdoor space? Let’s get outside more and enjoy the sounds of Nature!


Weight 1.4 pounds. 5.25″ x 5.25″ x 7″. Polyresin, Plastic. LED Light.


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