Solar Powered Floral Lantern


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This solar-powered floral lantern need no candles or electricity! Flowers and hummingbirds adorn this stylish lantern which will turn on automatically after dark. Glass panels sparkle with light and the sturdy metal frame will last for years. And no maintenance other than an occaisional wipe with a wet cloth. Easy to move wherever you like and to follow the sun! Almost a foot tall with a 6 inch square base, and this solar-powered floral lantern will shine a soft light for 6-8 hours on a charge. Solar garden decor is also a great way to highlight and accent prominent features in outdoor spaces with little effort or expense!

Solar power is created when sunlight falls on the semi-conducters in a solar panel. Basically, electrons move to an “excited” state in the silicon absorber panel. Because of junction forming layers, these electrons can move freely to produce the electricity for your product or home. Brittanica has a great article for more detailed info on how solar power works.  Clean, efficient, endless solar energy; it may some day power the world!

Because solar powered lighting is so economical and easy care, this floral lantern makes a great gift! This attractive lighting fits in any decor. And affordable too! I have different sizes and styles of solar products to choose from. As well as lighting I carry fountains, stepping stones and wind chimes. Find something for yourself or to give to a friend or neighbor! Even children love these “magic” lights! And no worries about catching fire, like candles. Or installing wiring, like regular electricity. I hope to add lots more solar products! Spring is a great time to buy one of these with our increasing day length. Set up your whole outdoor space with a great collection of solar!

Solar-power cells in the lid recharge automatically when outdoors. Metal with glass panels and solar board. 6″ square x 11 3/4″ high.


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