Squirrel and Acorn Bird Feeder


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Create a welcoming snack bar for birds in your backyard with this unique squirrel bird feeder. The giant Acorn feeder is actually a large bowl for holding seed with plenty of space for birds to perch on. This lifelike squirrel bird feeder will add a whimsical woodland look to your backyard. Easy to relocate wherever you like. Made from durable polyresin to last a long time with minimal maintenance.

The birds appreciate your help year-round but most importantly in the winter months. And don’t forget water- see a nice Birdbath here.

A Squirrel and Acorn Bird Feeder would make a fun gift to another bird-lover too!

Seed not included.

Feeder opening: 3.5″ diameter X 2″ deep

Weight 2 pounds. 9″ x 4.5″ x 8″. Polyresin Stone Powder.


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