Victorian Birdhouse and Feeder


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This lovely little Victorian Birdhouse and Feeder for our feathered friends overflows with charm! And while all our favorite birds have to eat year round, the winter months are particularly hard on them. This roomy birdhouse provides both shelter and food.  I plant lots of flowers for the birds in the spring, summer, and fall so they’ll have natural food. When the harsh weather of winter comes I break out extra feeders and stock up on seed. Let’s feed them in style! Or perhaps it’s just time for a new one. And don’t forget they still need plenty of liquid water! Check out our birdbaths also…
This Victorian Birdhouse and Feeder features the wrap-around porch, shaped glass windows and gingerbread cutouts distinctive of the Victorian style. This cute birdhouse and feeder also has decorative railings, the steeply pitched roof and spindle on top, and in a traditional white color. Additionally this birdhouse feeder has cozy touches like flowerboxes on the windowsills and shutters for the windows.
(Victorian style refers to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), called the Victorian era, during which period the styles known as Victorian were used in construction.)
This Victorian style birdhouse and feeder is also versatile, sturdy and portable! This feeder can easily be relocated to shade in summer or sun in winter, weighing only a little over 3 pounds.  The large front porch doubles as a platform for fruit treats or seeds. The freestanding pole and base make this birdhouse and feeder look great even in the front yard.
Functional and beautiful, this rest stop for the birds would look attractive in any outdoor space. The birds can be fascinating to small children, and this is an inexpensive teaching tool to help identify your local species. The classic design would make this great for gifting to your favorite birdlover, too!
Weight 3.2 pounds. 9.38″ x 8.38″ x 29.2″. Fir Wood, Plywood.


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