Wishing Well Water Fountain


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This wooden wishing well water fountain has a wonderfully clean, simple design. It features a recirculating pump and metal-banded bucket that spouts water. At almost 4 feet tall, this rustic yard art is the perfect finishing touch for your yard or garden! Yet it weighs only 18 pounds and uses sustainable fir wood construction. Beautiful fir wood is low-maintenance and long-lasting. The colors will blend in with your decorating style. Of course this fountain will add the wonderfully relaxing sound of falling water as well as subtle motion to your special backyard space. This, in turn, will draw birds, butterflies, and other interesting creatures to help you relax and reconnect with Nature!

In ancient times Celtic and other cultures often believed naturally occurring water sources were sacred places.  People believed spirits resided in such springs, or that they were the doorway to the underworld.  Clean water also brought these people together, as well as attracting prey animals and other food sources. The springs were often dedicated to gods, goddesses, or saints. Certain offerings were made for a variety of reasons, later changing with the times to coins.  I found a lot of interesting info on the history of wishing wells here.

Today the old community wishing well can be yours with this great item! Rustic style is a popular theme these days and a wooden wishing well water fountain is a great example. And more great rustic patio decor here to customize your backyard area. Try a rustic apple barrel planter and birdhouse with this water fountain to attract even more birds. A fun housewarming gift for anyone with a backyard!

Weight 18 pounds. 19.6″ x 19.6″ x 44″. Fir Wood. Recirculating electric pump and 75″ power cord. 3 gallon water capacity.


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