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Wildlife Stories


Wildlife Stories


Personal wildlife stories are great to share! If you spend any time at all in the outdoors I think you’re going to have at least one or two. So this blog will be just a fun place to share encounters and experiences. I recently read an article that stated young people don’t realize how fast we’re losing our wildlife now because they don’t remember how much more there was in the past. So let’s all keep remembering!  And please share one of your short stories here !!!  I will be adding more stories on a random basis. Pretty much when they pop into my head! And I will be showing your stories here, too. If I get a lot of your wildlife stories I might even have a contest with a prize! If you think about it, I bet you have some good ones…so let’s hear em!

A Hawk Encounter

One of my more recent encounters was with a beautiful red-tailed hawk about 8 years ago. My then-husband and I were driving home from visiting my folks in Sedona AZ. It was a lovely fall afternoon in October, I believe. We were going north on the 395 hiway south of Carson City, NV. Out of nowhere, the hawk slammed across the whole windshield, wings completely extended! We were essentially blind for what seemed like minutes, but I’m sure was only a few seconds. I distinctly remember being shocked at how large his talons and beak were up close! And then he flew away, leaving only dusty feather-prints on the glass. And a great memory!

FYI-   Washoe Lake, NV and the surrounding valley are home to large numbers of raptors, especially in the spring when the local cattle are giving birth. Excellent bird-watching!